Consumer electronics have been a greater part of our energy bills while new must-have products are seemingly available now on the market year after year. Energy Star reported that consumer electronics can produce almost 15% of the normal energy consumption and bill of a home every month.  

Nowadays, we all want to get such high-tech gadgets that give our families several hours of enjoyment. However, it’s unlikely that anyone would want to pay the bill that it also generates. Luckily, there are some hacks you can do to make your entertainment area more energy-efficient or have your own home theater without actually breaking your bank monthly. Below are some of the tips to help you achieve this: 

Know when to stop 

It’s not reasonable to stay up late to chill and watch some movies if you cannot really keep away long enough for you to see it. If you’re someone who falls asleep while watching your TV, then it would be best to just turn off your electronic devices and head on to your bed instead.  

Caulk the holes where the cables leave the house or room 

If you have cables that run through outdoors from your living area or the floor from the basement, guarantee to seal such holes. One of the major contributors to having increased energy consumption and bill include heat loss due to leaks. If you think your entertainment area has leaks, make sure to caulk those holes right away to ensure that it is not taking part in your electricity usage and heating expenses.  

Practice turning off your appliances if you don’t use them 

Even if you use power strips that have energy-saving pictures, it is great to start practicing to turn off everything in your entertainment center, particularly when yours does not avoid vampire powerhouse.  

Utilize energy-saving strips 

For both practical and safety reasons, you will need to utilize a power strip that can cater to all of the devices you plan to use for your home theater or entertainment center. These strips won’t just keep you from using extension cords or overloading your outlets. However, a lot of power strip have beneficial energy-efficient features. If you resort to power strips, make sure to search for one that will turn itself off once the connected devices on it aren’t used to avoid freeloader power from being leeched.  

Search for a television that’s Energy Star approved 

Your television is your home theater’s centerpiece, both for its position and the fact that it utilizes the most energy out of each device in your entertainment center. The range of a television when it comes to price will be based on the type and size of the screen it has—either plasma, LCD, or more. There are several televisions on the market that are Energy Star approved. Meaning, you can definitely cop one that will fit the entertainment needs of your family while you stay within your allocated budget.  

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